A MUM has spoken of her disgust after discovering a packet of sweets she had started eating went out of date two years before she bought them.

Michelle Reynolds bought two packets of Chewits from Best One, in Colenzo Drive, Andover earlier this month, and was looking forward to enjoying them in bed.

But the 48-year-old mother-of-three, from Pilgrims Way, Andover, noticed they tasted funny when she started eating them.

She said: “I ate a couple and they were soft and tasteless. I was so excited to eat them and had got into bed and thought this is my treat. Then I saw the date and showed my son and he was disgusted. It’s only sweets and it’s not going to kill me, but 2017?”

Michelle said it is not the first time her family has bought out of date food from the store, and claims her son Jacob bought some fairy cakes there recently which had also expired.

The full-time mum said her son tried to take the sweets back for her, but she said the staff shouted at him and ended up throwing a £1 coin at him.

She added: “I spend a lot of money in there because they do gas and electricity. A lot of people use them. Now I do check the dates.”

Michelle posted about her purchase on Facebook, and said another person commented about buying out of date food at the same shop.

She said: “I wonder how many people have consumed something and didn’t realise.”

Another customer of the store posted on Facebook showing some chocolate he bought which had a best before date of January this year.

Gazza Luc warned others to be careful, saying: “I only posted this so other parents would be aware. It’s not a big deal really. Generally, the shop is a good place to pick stuff up from.”

The store, which is believed to be part of the Best One group, has a one out of five for its hygiene rating, after being inspected by food safety officers from Test Valley Borough Council on April 11, 2019.

They found that ‘major improvements’ were needed, finding there was “no food safety management system”.

A spokesman for Best One said: “There are no Best Ones in Andover. Therefore we will request the removal of the store front.”