COUNCILLORS who were kicked out of the Andover Alliance just months after joining have confirmed the foundation of the town's latest local political group.

Town and borough councillors Rebecca Meyer and Christopher Ecclestone were suspended from the Andover Alliance in late June, less than two months after the May election. They were later expelled from the group amid allegations of “brining the party into disrepute”.

Now they have formally revealed the foundation of the Andover Independents Party, along with fellow former Andover Alliance member and current town councillor Joanne Coole.

The party describes itself as a “grassroots” group, looking to become “the true party of independents that puts local people first”.

The group was registered with the electoral commission at the start of last month. Cllr Meyer is listed as the party leader, Cllr Joanne Coole the nominating officers and Cllr Ecclestone the treasurer.

The party’s registered address is that of Cllrs Joanne and David Coole.

In a press release issued upon the group's official launch, Cllr Meyer criticised her former party and described starting this new party as the "best decision" she has made all year.

She said: “The [Andover] Alliance was supposed to be a consensual party but under its current leadership, it’s more like a dictatorship.

"The appalling behaviour towards us these past six months has been relentless and we have had enough of all the Hogwash.

"Co-founding the Andover Independents Party is the best decision all year and I am really excited for the future, working with like-minded people for the benefit of the community."

The Andover Alliance has been contacted for a comment on the above statement.

To find out more about the party, search ‘Andover Independents Party’ on Facebook or contact Rebecca at