THE chairman of Andover town council issued a rallying call during last week’s full council meeting, urging members of the authority to “work together in a more harmonious way”.

Speaking during the town mayors’ announcements portion of the meeting, Councillor Richard Rowles spoke of a need for efforts to be ‘re-doubled’ to ensure the council builds on its recent work.

He added that he hopes “certain councillors” act in a “more grown-up manner” moving forward.

Cllr Rowles’ call came in the same meeting that Cllr Andy Fitchet would later publicly announce his intention to step down from the authority.

Cllr Fitchet cited frustrations with “blockers” within the authority who have “decided to make it their job to stop progress at any cost” as the key reason for his resignation.

The authority has also been criticised in the past for the way some councillors have carried themselves on social media.

Such conduct has been brought up in prior meetings, with one ex-councillor in attendance as a member of the public branding the behaviour “unprofessional and unbecoming of a councillor or mayor”.

Social media was one of the issues that Cllr Rowles touched upon during his speech at last Thursday’s meeting.

He said: “I would just like to say that we have now been elected for months and we have managed to do quite a number of things.

“We have managed to save probably, I think, 10 per cent of our entire budget in payroll by the changes we have made, which I think has improved the service to the public.

“And so we need to re-double our efforts to continue in that way and we need to work together in a more harmonious way, despite any political allegiances that we might have.

“I have to say I was extremely surprised at the, I think the word is collegiate way, that things are conducted on the borough council and I would sincerely hope that the actions of the past, which may have happened on social media, are put to rest and that perhaps certain councillors act in a more grown-up manner.”