RESIDENTS have been raising their concerns over a stretch of road near a school that is becoming ‘increasingly dangerous’ during the school run.

Worries are being voiced over an area of Vigo Road, near Vigo Primary School and Norman Gate School, with those who live nearby say that parking and speeding issues are getting worse and worse.

Parents have been spotted parking on the stretch of road during the morning and afternoon school runs, and residents say it causes “mayhem” on the street.

As well as blocking cars in driveways, driving on pavements and churning up grass banks, the volume of cars parking on both sides of the bend on the road is said to be causing issues for pedestrians trying to cross.

One resident of Vigo Road said: “I was out there yesterday and there was a little lad, must have been about seven-years-old, and he couldn’t see to cross the road.

“If he had stepped out, he would have been killed.”

“It’s just dangerous. The traffic has increased more and more every year.”

The resident continued: “I’ve emailed HCC but of course they are under enormous budget constraints so it’s difficult. We appreciate there’s not a lot of money sloshing around in the tank anymore.”

Borough Councillor Iris Andersen has also expressed her concerns. She says she has been contacted by a number of residents regarding the issue recently.

She said: “The people have been in touch because obviously they are quite concerned with the parking issue, and not just that it’s the school children as well.

“Parking issues are one thing, but the school children are another thing.”

She added: “What really concerns me is, like I say, people are coming around that bend and there’s cars parking there – I don’t want to see people walking onto the road because cars are on the footpath.

“And what also concerns me is the speed of the cars on that road.”

“As a local councillor I really do want to see something happen here to make it better for everybody.”

The Advertiser has contacted Hampshire County Council for a comment on the issue.