AN ANDOVER veteran has set a new world record and become the first person in history to row solo across what is considered the most dangerous strait of water on the planet.

Extreme adventurer Jordan Wylie pushed the boundaries to row completely unsupported across the Bab El Mandeb Straits.

The straits are located between Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, and Yemen, on the Arabian Peninsula, and link the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, via the Gulf of Aden. The area is notorious for piracy, terrorism, the smuggling of people, arms and narcotics and also happens to be one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

But Jordan is no stranger to danger having served in the British military for over 10 years including service in Iraq and Northern Ireland as a frontline soldier and used to work in maritime security – sailing on the straits before.

Having never rowed before the start of this year, he trained extensively for the last 12 months with some of the greatest names in rowing including double Olympic champion Alex Gregory MBE and fellow Olympic medallist James Foad with a new specially designed boat built by Rannoch Adventure in Essex.

Jordan called his boat “A Million Dreams” and hopes to inspire children worldwide through the spirit of adventure.

He said: “To complete a world first is of course very special and an incredible achievement for me personally, it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. However, what is more important, is that the world takes notice of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the sheer number of casualties and losses that are being suffered by children daily, these are the complete innocent victims of this conflict and the world needs to do more to protect them.”

But the dad-of-one did not only take on the adventure to get his heart racing, but he has also raised money for Seafarers UK, Frontline Children, which he co-founded, and Epilepsy Action — in light of him suffering with the condition.

To date the adventurer has raised over one million pounds in the last decade for charitable and good causes through high profile adventures in some of the world’s most hostile and volatile region, which has led him to be described by Sir Ranulph Fienne OBE as a “determined fearless adventurer and an inspiring man”.

Last year, Jordan ran in three of the most perilous countries in the world – Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia — and raised £100,000 for children affected by war.