PARENTS have expressed their concern after a video showing boys getting changed at school was reportedly posted on Snapchat.

An anonymous post on Facebook warned parents of Winton Community Academy in Andover that a boy had taken the video in the changing rooms at the school in London Road, and posted it on Snapchat’s map, which allows users to share their location with friends, or see stories from anywhere in the world.

The poster encouraged parents to have an “internet safety chat” with their children following the incident last week.

Parents expressed their concern, with some encouraging the poster to report the matter to the police.

Michelle said: “Hope the school are aware and taking actions? My son had P.E. yesterday so worried.”

Mary Barnes said she had seen the video and thought the children in the footage were in years seven or eight.

Elaine Greig, who has a son in year seven at the school, said: “Absolutely disgusting. Makes my blood boil.”

A weekly parent bullet published online by Winton Community Academy today referred to “teething issues” with year seven iPads, including using videos and photos “inappropriately”.

It added: “One of the reasons for having central devices is so that we can work with students and educate them in how to use them rather than ban the use of technology. Rest assured this re-education in how to use technology in a safe way is happening and please continue to report to us any concerns."

It is not known if this is referring to the changing room incident.

A spokesperson for Winton Academy said: “Whilst it is not appropriate to provide details of any specific safeguarding incidents, we can assure parents and carers that we take any safeguarding concerns extremely seriously.

"Safeguarding is our number one priority in school and we have comprehensive processes and practices in place.”

A statement from Ofsted said: “We do not comment on or confirm whether complaints have been received about a particular school. However, we assess and investigate all complaints received, and we will not hesitate to act when we have concerns about pupil safety.”