THE safety of students has increased ties between a Tidworth school and enforcement officers.

The Wellington Academy has been working with the Wiltshire Police on a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring pupils are living in a healthy, safe environment both in and outside of school.

Recently it became involved with a nationwide initiative called Operation Spectre aimed at clamping down on knife crime in the UK.

As part of the crackdown officers installed a knife arch in the atrium.

The students were also able to discuss knife crime and the affect it can have on victims, their families and the perpetrator themselves.

A school spokesperson said: "The students were all very engaged and interested in the knife arch and had some informative conversations with the police."

And last week the school welcomed back Ziggy the sniffer dog and Dave his handler from K9 Deployment.

Ziggy is a highly trained Springer spaniel who is used for the detection of drugs, firearms and explosives.

"These visits are part of our multi-strategy approach to combatting any potential drug use in the community, ensuring the academy is a safe and happy environment for our pupils, as well as raising awareness of the dangers of illegal drugs," the spokesperson said.

"I am very pleased to be able to report that just as on his last visit Ziggy did not find anything of any concern. He did however have a great time meeting pupils and staff and showing of his detective skills through demonstrations to year 7 pupils."

That afternoon he was heading off to work at Arsenal football stadium where he was to be undertaking a search of the ground before the game as well as ensuring the football fans were behaving themselves.