THE leader of the borough council has blasted what he describes as “the shenanigans of the Andover Alliance” following the party’s latest high-profile departure.

Councillor Phil North has urged the party to work together and “put their personal differences” after it was revealed today that town councillor Lauren Banville was quitting the party.

Cllr Banville, deputy mayor of Andover town council, announced her decision today, having claimed she was not “allowed a voice or fair vote” and branded the group “a local party with a national political attitude”.

Her resignation comes after town Cllrs David Coole, Christopher Ecclestone and Rebecca Meyer were kicked out of the party just months after the May local elections.

The latest of these departures prompted Cllr North, who stresses that he did not take the decision to speak out lightly, to “condemn” the party’s recent actions via his Facebook page.

He wrote: “As many of you already know, I prefer to crack on with the day job of running TVBC rather than criticise political opponents - not least because I believe passionately about working cross-party, especially at a local level.

“However, there comes a time (and I’ve waited six months), where I feel it is in the public interest for me to condemn the shenanigans in the Andover Alliance - who won 7 out of 43 seats at the TVBC elections in May and currently control the Andover Town Council - and urge them to work together.”

The leader of the borough council went on to cite a number of criticisms of the party.

He listed the party’s split into two separate groups on the borough council just one week following the elections, the subsequent expelling of three members, the attendance records of two town councillors who are yet to turn up to a single meeting, as well as Cllr Banville’s accusations that Cllr Richard Rowles has lied to the press and public.

Cllr North added: “This is no way to run a town council - and I urge them to put their personal differences aside or their constant bickering will end up fatally undermining the authority, which has the potential, and has previously been, a force for good in our town.

“Like anything though, there are some notable exceptions amongst their ranks, who are willing to work cross-party to deliver for Andover - and I hope those who have caused the most division will follow their lead.”

Andover Alliance leader Richard Rowles has been contacted for a comment.