A NEW taxi firm with a twist is set to launch in Andover, filling a gap in the market.

Anthony Marshall and business partner Mike Newton have established Kudoo, an Uber-style service covering the town solely through an app.

The company is due to launch during the first week of November, with drivers already on board to pick up passengers.

“In this age of increasing technology we all want an easier, safer and more secure method to book a taxi. We want to know who the driver is, what the registration of the car is and when it will arrive,” Anthony said.

With over 16 years of experience in taxi industry Anthony has used his knowledge to develop the service.

“Why have somebody answer all the calls when you can have an app directly devoted to booking a taxi, rather than calling three or four times to get through to somebody.”

Anthony hopes that Kudoo will be able to have around 30 to 40 drivers, each requiring a licence from Test Valley Borough Council to operate, and unlike working for usual companies the drivers will pay a percentage of each fare they take rather than a flat rate.

“The feedback has been positive, I have told a few taxi drivers and they have said count me in,” Anthony added.

The app will be available to download on iOS and Android from the first week of November, with customers able to specify if they want a female or male driver and be able to store emergency numbers.

“We want to know who the driver is, what is the registration of the car and when it is due.”

Passengers, or riders as they are referred to by Kudoo, will be able to insert their destination and receive a fixed quote, then select an available car which will alert the driver.