A SCIENCE teacher who thrust his hips to “simulate sexual activity” has been banned from teaching.

Luke Snoswell, 34, made at least nine suggestive remarks during one lesson at The Wellington Academy, in Ludgershall.

A teaching misconduct hearing heard that Snoswell said to students, “I like my coffee like I like my men”, implying he had a sexual preference for black men, and discussed how he lost his virginity by “placing his finger in his mouth to make a popping sound”.

The panel was told that Snoswell commented on a relationship between two pupils saying they should engage in sexual activity and hugged more than one student.

On October 3 the court heard that Snoswell previously worked at Fair Ways School, near Southampton, and in 2016 he engaged in inappropriate behaviour towards two female colleagues.

The court heard that he told one co-worked he would “break her in half” and messaged another “think I just really need to get laid lol Tinder not doing me any favours”.

He then added: “Wana get drunk with me and break some bed strings sometime”.

Then on March 22, last year, he provided false information to the Director of Science at The Wellington Academy claiming that he had been ‘fired’ from Fair Ways due to a single incident, but the hearing report states: “In fact his dismissal had been in relation to multiple incidents and/or in relation to multiple individuals”.

He also told the academy that he had not been subject to disciplinary proceedings at Fair Ways when he had and was then given the position of head of physics.

The panel found that in lying to Wellington he “lacked integrity” and “was dishonest”, but Snoswell denied the allegation.

He said: "I explained on the phone that I had been suspended and under investigation for all of the points… and that I felt it was becoming clear that I was not receiving a fair and unbiased investigation so the result would be my dismissal."

He went on to state, "I held nothing back, told no lies.”

Snoswell also denied the lewd comments he made towards pupils and claimed that in the incident where he said a student was “assuming the position” he was in fact in Snoswell’s way.

He said: “It became clear I had made enemies. I believe this explains how this group have now made false allegations against me to protect their friend against a new teacher.”

The report concluded: “The panel also found proven a number of highly inappropriate comments and gestures of a sexual nature made towards pupils during a physics lesson.

“Mr Snoswell demonstrated extremely limited insight into the impact of his actions on his colleagues and on his pupils."

The Professional Conduct Panel ruled Snoswell cannot reapply to teach again.