THIS is the terrifying moment brazen burglars crept into the garden of a family home before smashing their way inside and turning the rooms upside down in a six-minute targeted robbery.  

Last night, a group of four hooded men scouted out the detached home in Chestnut Avenue just after 7.20pm before breaking in through the back door.

It is believed the incident was one of four burglaries to happen in the vicinity while occupants of the houses were out. 

Speaking to the Advertiser, Roger Smith, whose house on Chestnut Avenue was robbed, said he was not in when the incident happened but said CCTV picked them up on camera.

His daughter Kelly Roach who had only celebrated her 30th birthday with a party at the house days before said it was the first time the family had been burgled.

“My parents have lived in this house for 15 years,” she said.

The family have released CCTV footage and stills in a bid to track down the preparators. The time stamp on the video is not correct. 

Andover Advertiser:

“We just want to catch them. We don’t know what they could have taken at this stage because we can’t touch anything due to forensics," she said. 

“They left the iPads and my dad’s wallet so they knew what they were doing. They took quantities of money and a safe from the master bedroom. They took items that wouldn't easily be linked to us. They also took jewellery, we’re worried they took my nan’s ring,” Kelly said.

“It’s scary as it makes you worry have they been watching the house? Usually that time of night someone is in.”

She said the burglars did not seem amateur – the group were wearing gloves and covered their steps by spraying disinfectant to remove any finger prints.

The burglars even left a £50 note visibily left on the kitchen side. 

Worryingly, Kelly said she has been told the burglary was one in four in Andover to happen that evening.

CCTV footage shows the moment the first two of the group break into the back garden. One man stands on the outdoor table as he checks out whether the coast is clear.

He is followed by a larger man who appears to be holding a hammer. He looks around before heading towards the door where he shines a torch through the back window.

The slimmer man, wearing a baseball cap and gloves, is on the phone as the bigger man goes out of shot.

Andover Advertiser:

The bigger man returns and the two continue to look through the windows and keep an eye out

The family has also shared pictures of the group leaving the property. In one still, the four men all stop in their tracks and let a dog walker go past as though not to draw attention to themselves.

Posting the pictures online, Kelly wrote: “Sunday, October 27 at 7.23pm in Chestnut Avenue. Four males in their early twenties broke in, smashing the back door and sprayed the floors and walls of the house. They took the safe, jewellery and money and turned the master bedroom upside down.

“A total of four burglaries last night in Andover reported.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101.