A FAMILY farm park has praised a supermarket chain for its decision to stop selling fireworks in its 2,300 stores across the UK.

Sainsbury’s became the first major supermarket not to sell fireworks, following a regular yearly review of all its products.

Finkley Down Farm, near Andover, has welcomed the news, and is also urging others who live near to the farm to be considerate.

Posting on social media, it said: “Please be considerate to our animals during the bonfire celebrations. Leave the firework displays to the professionals.”

It added: “Well done and thank you Sainsbury’s. If you live on any of the new housing estates near to the farm, please give some consideration to our animals during the bonfire celebrations.”

Others commenting on the post agreed with Sainsbury's decision.

Dave Price said: “Well done when will other supermarkets follow suit and let our pets and others have a little peace.”

Lindsey Anne Velcic added: “There really should be licenced public displays only. It’s insane that they are available for anyone to buy.”

Last year, a petition to ban the public sale of fireworks to protect animals, children and people with a phobia attracted more than 300,000 signatures.

Sainsbury’s has not revealed why it decided to stop selling fireworks, saying the reason was “commercially sensitive”.