FOR the first time in nearly a century, we'll be heading to the polls for a December general election.

After four attempts to get an early election because of the Brexit deadlock, Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally got his way after Labour backed his proposals.

So that now puts polling day on December 12, with all 650 seats up for grabs again.

Currently, Kit Malthouse is the MP for North West Hampshire, and he is Crime, Policing and Fire Minister.

In 2017, he secured 62.1% of the vote, having held the seat since 2015.

Here are the candidates who have declared that they are standing for North West Hampshire in the 2019 general election:

Teresa Fahy - Brexit Party

Teresa Fahy was confirmed as Brexit Party candidate for North West Hampshire in August.

Luigi Gregori - Liberal Democrats

Andover Advertiser: Luigi GregoriLuigi Gregori

Luigi Gregori will represent the Liberal Democrats in North West Hampshire.

After a full career as an Army officer, Luigi volunteered for a number of charities and is a school governor. He joined the Liberal Democrats in 2015 and is currently the chair of the party’s Andover branch.

Following his selection, Luigi Gregori said: “I am honoured to be selected as the Liberal Democrats Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North West Hampshire.

“At this period in our country’s history, we are under threat from the forces of intolerance and narrow ideology. In all this I believe that, and I know that many you of you do as well, the Liberal Democrats offer a beacon of hope and positive action.”

“This is not just on Brexit where we are the only large Remain party,” he added, “but also on the other issues that plague the most vulnerable in our society.

“On social justice, health, education and social care as on so many others, we the Liberal Democrats offer a way forward that will benefit us all as individuals and members of our communities.”

Other local councillors have weighed in with their thoughts on Luigi standing for election               .

Whitchurch town councillor Keith Watts welcomed the appointment: “Luigi is a strong campaigner with deeply held liberal values. He will make an excellent MP.”

Tadley town councillor Warwick Lovegrove added: “Luigi has consistently championed his local residents and he delivers. As a fellow veteran, he is good news for us all.”


Kit Malthouse - Conservatives

Kit Malthouse has confirmed he will be defending the seat.

Andover Advertiser: Kit MalthouseKit Malthouse


TBC - Labour

Labour have said that an announcement on their candidate will be made next week.


Lance Mitchell - Green Party

Andover Advertiser: Lance Mitchell will be standing for the Green Party at the forthcoming electionLance Mitchell will be standing for the Green Party at the forthcoming election

Lance Mitchell has been named as the Green party candidate for North West Hampshire in December’s election, having recently stood in the borough elections in May.

Lance has lived in the area since 1976 and says he is proud to represent the Green Party in such a divided time and to stand up for his local community.

If elected, he says he would fight for a People’s Vote on the government’s Brexit deal and would like to see more local investment in public transport services and the provision of electrical charging stations.

He said: “As a Green MP I would proudly represent all of my constituents, both Leavers and Remainers, and fight for us all to have a final say on the government-negotiated deal with a People’s Vote.

“Westminster Politicians have failed us all on Brexit. Like so many of us, I’m fed up.

“We need a radical new politics and the Green Party can offer that.”

He added: “I would like to see more local investment in improved public transport services and in greater provision of Electrical Charging Stations to accelerate the demise of petrol and diesel cars as they are replaced by electric vehicles.”

Lance also spoke about climate chaos; a prominent issue for the Green Party.

“We are witnessing a very worrying decline in our environment, oceans, and air quality,” he said.

“We desperately need a Green New Deal to address climate chaos, prioritise renewables and public transport and to deliver a better way of life.

“Our planet needs people in power who recognise that we are living in a climate emergency and are dedicated to taking action.”