Move memorial

HOW good it was to read a letter from Michael Wood (not related) who lives in another town, regarding the Returning of our Cenotaph to its original position in the High Street (Letters, November 8, ‘Move memorial’).

As always, I attended the Remembrance Parade and Ceremony in the churchyard on Sunday. It was obvious to me and others I spoke with, just how small the venue is for Andover now! Apart from the participants, very few can actually see the ceremony in progress. Many had brought their children, who quickly became bored because there was nothing for them to see! These children are from a generation who only last year showed immense enthusiasm towards the brave men on the Cenotaph, by participating in various activities encouraged by our local councils.

Surely, common sense tells you, if the Vicar and others have to climb stairs onto a platform to address the public, then they can’t otherwise be seen! Even with the public standing on the headstones of Andoverians past, on the perimeter of the Churchyard, the ceremony can’t be seen!

So, Cllr North, it’s about time Andover once again was brought up to date and this Remembrance Ceremony was not only to respect the men who lost their lives, but also to respect the public who are turning out in their droves to attend!

If the Cenotaph was returned to the High Street, a large screen similar to the one you use for one day at the turning on of the Christmas lights could be used, so all and sundry could see the ceremony!

With respect, this service is just not about the dignitaries of Andover, but about all of us who may have lost or known someone in the wars!

Ron Wood, Ashfield Road, Andover