Name: Kit Malthouse. I’m legally Christopher, but I’ve been known as Kit all my life, because I had a relative who died just before I was born who was called so I’m known as Kit.

It’s like Bill for William. I had a great uncle Kit, who died before I was born, so they called me Kit.

Age: I’m 53

Education background: University of Newcastle. Great city, I had a lovely time.

Profession: Chartered accountant and I started and built my own finance business from scratch.

Family life: Married, three children.

What car do you drive? A Volvo.

Where did you last go on holiday? In the summer we went to the Algarve in Portugal.

What was the last thing you ate? Today? Uh oh. It was a Gregg’s donut. One of those twisty donut things this morning. That’s all I’ve eaten so far. I forget what they’re called now, they’re called crowd-pleasers or something.

Have you ever taken illegal drugs? No.

When was the last time you cried? Good question. I do blub in films. I can’t remember the last film I cried at. That is a very good question, I can’t remember now. I tend to cry in soppy films.

What is your favourite book of all time? Any Human Heart, by William Boyd.

What are you ties to the area you hope to represent? I’ve been the Member of Parliament here for five years and it’s been a love affair with the landscape and the people from day one.

Favourite restaurant in North West Hampshire: That’s quite tricky for the Member of Parliament because it means you’ve got to pick one. We are loyalty card holders at Frango’s. We were there on Saturday. It’s fantastic.

Where do you do your food shopping? Tesco, at Enham Arch.

Describe your perfect Friday night: My perfect Friday night? It sounds a bit dull but its actually dinner with my wife. Can’t think of anything better.

What’s your favourite drink? Favourite drink? Do you know what, can I have a hard and a soft drink? You can’t beat a good strong cup of tea. We had a microbrewery, sadly now closed, in Hurstbourne Tarrant called Betteridge’s Brewery. Mark Betteridge brewed a beer there called Jenny Wren and it was by far and away my favourite beer of all time.

Best place in Hampshire in your opinion? Sitting by the Bourne rivulet on the playing fields at Hurstbourne Tarrant watching my kids playing in the water in the sun.

Do you think MPs should be allowed to hire their family members? Well they can’t. And I don’t. But it’s for each MP to make a decision. I don’t think you can now though, it’s against the rules isn’t it?

Why do you deserve the gig? I’ve worked flat out for five years to be the champion for North West Hampshire and I think I represent a party which has the right priorities for this part of the world as well as being the only party that can deliver Brexit. That’s one sentence right?

What do you think the biggest issue facing residents of Andover/North West Hampshire is? There are so many issues but I think the biggest issue here are the problems that come with growth and success. Pressure on the health service, pressure on the police, pressure on schools.

All of that happens because we’re a very successful part of the world with high employment, lots of new homes being built, lots of people who want to come and live here.

It's dealing with those things that can be tough: making sure you’ve got the right transport, more police officers, funding for the War Memorial Hospital and great schools. It’s those quality of life issues that really matter here in my view.

In a sentence, what do you want to change if you are elected?

I’d like to change our status within the European Union and deliver on Brexit. The second thing is I want to make sure that Andover has the best schools it can possibly have.

The third thing is to continue the investment and improvement in the hospital – and to keep it top of the priorities for the local trust.

And the last thing is to deliver more police officers for the town, which is part of my job as Minister of State for Crime, Policing and the Fire Service.

The overriding objective for a member of Parliament here is to make sure that Andover stayed on everyone’s radar – or the county, the Local Enterprise Partnership, the government. The job of the MP is to keep Andover on the radar and make sure it gets the investment it needs.