Name: Liz Bell

Age: 58

Education background: Biochemist, post-graduate

Profession: Scientist

Family life: Married 30 years, one daughter, two cats, three goldfish

What car do you drive? Ford Focus estate

Where did you last go on holiday? Tenerife to see friends

Last thing you ate? Goulash made by my husband

Have you ever taken illegal drugs? No, wine is my drug of choice

Last time you cried? When my cat Trixie was put down in the spring

Favourite book of all time? The Master and Margarita by Mikel Bogkorkof

Ties to the area: My husband used to work for Test Valley Borough Council, I live just over in Hungerford

Favourite restaurant in Andover? It’s a long time since I’ve eaten in Andover but it would be a curry house

Where do you do your food shopping? Mainly Tesco

Perfect Friday night: A takeaway and a bottle of wine

What’s your favourite drink? If it’s not wine, freshly brewed coffee

Best place in Hampshire: Little towns like Whitchurch with still have a proper high street and free parking

Do you think MPs should be allowed to hire their family members? I think generally We are overdue having proper hiring practices I’m amazed it seems quite random I feel we need so much organised above board. Parliamentary staff need to be properly hired and properly trained.

Why do you deserve the gig? I am not a career politician, I’m an ordinary person I want to get stuck in and sort it out this mess.

Biggest issue facing Andover residents: I have been shocked by the fact the maternity unit was temporarily closed due to staffing shortages. The housing situation is dire. People can’t get social housing rents are sky high.

What do you want to change if you are elected?

I would like to get more real people involved in politics. Those who are trying to sort things out not just indulging in stupid political point scoring. The old political games have got to stop.