Name: Lance Mitchell

Age: 63 (will be 64 three days after the election)

Education background: HMS Conway, Naval cadets school in Anglesey

Profession: Unemployed. Previously 16 years as a military surveyor before moving to ASG Technologies as a technical manager.

Family life: Married and a great-grandfather to three. Owner of two dogs.

What car do you drive? VW Golf TGI. But I prefer to walk, run, cycle.

Where did you last go on holiday? We went to Kos.

Last thing you ate? A bowl of porridge washed down with a coffee.

Have you ever taken illegal drugs? No, never. Even the smell of someone smoking near me doesn't attract me. I have smoked but I gave up when I was 23. I think you can say I cracked it.

Last time you cried? Probably this morning when I looked at the letter from the Department for Work and Pensions this morning to say my Universal Credits benefits have been cut.

Favourite book of all time? Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliffe.

Ties to the area you hope to represent? First moved here in 1976, my wife is from Longparish (ten generations back).

Favourite restaurant in Andover? Although I visit it infrequently because I'm unemployed, Zintino in the Guildhall. I also like Coffee No 1, it's the best.

Where do you do your food shopping? Split between Waitrose and Lidl.

Your perfect Friday night: Living in a hut in the Andes in Ecuador sitting on the balcony looking down the valley watching the circling condors listening to the jungle noises and sipping a glass of Chilean Merlot.

Favourite drink? Whiskies from the Inner Hebrides

Best place in Hampshire: There are some beautiful running events that I love taking part in.

Should MPs be allowed to hire their family members? That's an interesting question my belief is, I've hired lots of people in my life, as far as I am concerned I'd hire the best person for the job.

Why do you deserve the gig? I believe I am the only truly local candidate on the ballot paper in this election. I connect to the people I hope to represent. I also need a job. I am from Andover and I care about the community.

Biggest issue facing residents of Andover: In order to develop the town, they need to attract new business to the town.

What do you want to change if you are elected? I want to tackle the vast inequalities in society. There is a divide between the south east and London and the rest of the United Kingdom. People should have equal prospects and equal access to health and education.