Name: Luigi Gregori

Age: 63

Education background: Sandhurst

Profession before becoming an MP: Army officer, civil servant

Family life: Married with two children in their twenties

What car do you drive? A Nissan Leaf

Where did you last go on holiday? Italy to visit my mother

Last thing you ate? An avocado

Have you ever taken illegal drugs? No

Last time you cried? At the Lib Dem conference, one of the Liberal Democrat councillors from Wantage and an EU citizen described how she might not be able to stay in the country and it was very emotional.

Favourite book? I do read quite a few books but it depends on what mood you are in. When I was younger, I used to like reading books about martial arts. I quite like books about history and novels.

Ties to the area you hope to represent? I’ve lived for 20 years now and I’ve lived all over Andover. I first served in Tidworth, based in Barton Stacey in 1986. I used to be a councillor.

Favourite restaurant in Andover: I served with Gurkha’s so I quite like going to the Ghurkha restaurant.

Where do you do your food shopping? Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose - everywhere.

Perfect Friday night: Dinner with my wife.

Favourite drink? I quite like sweet cider.

Best place in Test Valley: I do a lot of long distance walking, Chilbolton down to Stockbridge is beautiful.

Do you think MPs should be allowed to hire their family members? It’s a conflict of interest, no.

Why do you deserve the gig? I listen, I’m caring and I’m competent.

Biggest issue facing residents of Andover: Aside from Brexit which will be disastrous, the biggest problem is infrastructure. We’ve had huge developments and we’ve not had the appropriate infrastructure. If you think of Andover being an onion, Test Valley have continually allowed extra layers to be added onto the onion. Picket Piece and its lack of a surgery is a good example. We don’t havve proper buses in Andover. We have buses that are nearly as old as their drivers. As a civilian I have just seen waiting lists on surgeries increase. We also have the incinerator which is going to be a big issue for the area.

The manifesto

Releasing the Liberal Democrat's manifesto, leader Jo Swinson has vowed to stop Brexit and tackle climate change. Some of the key promises include:

  • Revoking Article 50 to stop Brexit
  • Putting the £50 billion 'Remain bonus' they say that will generate to fund public priorities
  • Accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, hoping to generate 80 per cent of electricity via green means by 2030.
  • Reduce VAT on insulation for homes
  • Legalise cannabis
  • Fund a £7 billion boost to the NHS by adding a penny to income tax
  • 35 hours of free childcare for children aged two to four, or from nine months for working parents

You can read more about the Lib Dem's manifesto here.