TOYS, a new bike or perhaps the latest gaming console are just a few of the things you might expect to see at the top of children’s wish lists this Christmas.

But pupils at an Andover school have asked for something quite different this year.

As part of a display showcasing their Christmas wishes, numerous children at Longparish CofE Primary School have expressed their hope that plans to build an incinerator just over a mile from the village do not come to fruition.

Environmentally conscious pupils shared their messages inside of handmade paper stockings,

One read: “I wish for a happy Christmas for my family. I wish for the incinerator not to be built. I wish for no more pollution in the world.”

Another added: “I wish the idea of the incinerator was forgotten,” while another wrote: “My wish for Longparish is to help stop the incinerator from being built! My wish for the world is for all to have a peaceful Christmas!”

Images of the display have since been shared on social media, with parents weighing in to comment on the pupils’ handiwork.

“Well done to all who did this, it is stunning,” wrote one commenter.

Another added: “I hope all the schools do something similar – I’m always amazed at how well young children understand all this.”

“Here’s to all our wonderful children,” said another. “May they speak out their truth.”