CLIMATE change, Brexit and the NHS were just a few of the issues addressed as all four candidates for the North West Hampshire constituency attended a hustings event in Andover this week.

The event took place at St Mary’s Church on the evening of Monday, December 2, with Reverend Chris Bradish chairing proceedings.

More than 150 people from the area came to hear the candidates say their piece ahead of next week’s General Election.

Following a moments’ silence to remember those killed in the London Bridge attack last Friday, candidates delivered their opening statements before responding to pre-submitted questions from the audience.

Incumbent MP and Conservative candidate Kit Malthouse said that voters at this election have a choice between the economics of the 1970s and a One Nation Tory government.

He also added that it had been ‘the honour of his life’ to have been MP for North West Hampshire since 2015, and spoke of a range of causes he has worked on for the benefit of Andover residents, including road safety, upgrading the Andover War Memorial Hospital, broadband provision and dementia care.

Liberal Democrat candidate Luigi Gregori shared details of his NATO and military background, which he said had shown him the importance of collaboration.

He also argued that Brexit jeopardises our soft power internationally and our ability to be a “beacon of hope and clarity”. He stated his passion for social justice and of his wish to see funding re-balanced across the education sector.

Liz Bell said that she is standing for the Labour party because she can’t stand to see “austerity continue whilst billionaires get richer”. She highlighted a range of topics that are “on the list” for improvement and funding – including schools, housing and the NHS.

On Brexit, Ms Bell said the “first referendum [was fought on] general principles”, and therefore we need another to consider a deal which should be negotiated by Jeremy Corbyn.

Green Party candidate Lance Mitchell stressed his long-standing connection with the area and his career in the military.

He also stated a passion for collaborative working, especially on the climate change challenge, on this he called for “immediate action” with the UK “leading the world”.

He supports a Peoples Vote on Brexit, which ever Leave deal is proposed.

And, together with all the candidates, he would support an Assisted Dying Bill in principle.

Two further questions which had not been pre-submitted were then put to each candidate before tea and coffee was served to attendees. The candidates stayed to talk to the audience at the close.

First time voter Charlotte Weymouth was in attendance and said: “I found it extremely useful to hear what all the different candidates had to say. It has definitely helped me decide who I am going to vote for.”