There has been much negativity regarding the new incinerator planned for Andover but I haven't seen much positivity.

While watching Ski Sunday recently they showed an incinerator in Denmark. Although this was mainly because it had an artificial ski slope incorporated on the roof of the building it was interesting to note that the staff showing the presenter around were extremely proud of the plant and its benefits.

Similarly these plants are required to not only reduce landfill but also to generate non-fossil fuel electricity and recover the recyclable materials recovered from the bottom ash.

The location for this plant has obviously been very well planned as the site is already home to existing recycling facilities - a solar farm and a major gas storage facility - and it has great road links in all directions.

I see that the final decision will be made at government level, not local, so let's hope they see sense and approve it.

Far from being horrific, science says it'll be quite the opposite.

Steve Murphy, Sunfield Close, Andover