A COUPLE have said that they feel unsafe walking around their estate at night after Aster have not fixed security lights on the street.

Rosemary and Roger Richards, who live at Aster Court, off Floral Way, say that the housing association have left the lights unfixed, despite knowing about it for “quite a few months”.

They say that they don’t feel safe walking around their estate at night, especially when the street lights are switched off.

However, Aster said that they are in the process of changing the lights, and three of the four were fixed in December.

They say that they are hoping to fix the final security light “soon”.

Rosemary told the Advertiser that she was initially told that they couldn’t change the lights because they were denied access to a property.

She said: “The problem is that I have asked about having the security lights done.

“They should be all day and all night but they are not on.

“I have asked for them to be done but all I had back is that they were denied access. But they don’t need to go into the house. That is just a cop out.

“It is pitch black at night. When the street lights are out, the cars could get broken into because it is pitch black.

“If you go and walk around the estate some are on and some are off.

“They haven’t knocked on my door to say they need to check the wiring.”

Meanwhile, Roger, who had been walking around the estate at night, said: “The majority of them are out anyway. Once they changed wires but they didn’t need to gain access to the property.

“Just after midnight the lights go out and it is a bit dark.

“If someone gets attacked or something like that there would be hell to pay because you can’t see.

“I don’t know if it is to do with funding or what, but they have been out for quite a few months actually.

“I just want them to change the lights. It is quite a small solution.

“It is just changing a bulb, just take the cover off and put two new tubes in.”

A spokesperson for Aster said: “Three of the four security lights at Aster Court were fixed in December and we hope to be able to resolve the issue with the remaining security light soon.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused, which is outside of our control.

“If you need to report a repair please call us on 0333 400 8222 or visit www.aster.co.uk.”