A NUMBER of drivers were caught speeding through a village near Andover this week, with one travelling 50 per cent over the limit.

Wiltshire Police officers were in Collingbourne Kingston conducting speed checks yesterday (Friday). They were joined by members of the local community speedwatch team and remained in the area from 2.45pm until 4.20pm.

The stretch of road surveyed has a 30mph limit, but during the hour and 35 minutes they were at the scene, officers clocked five drivers breaking the speed limit, with one driving at 46mph.

A further 12 drivers were issued with letter from the community speedwatch team, and six more received words of warning regarding the speeds they were driving at.

Some residents took to social media to comment on the speeding issues affecting that particular area.

One person wrote: “This morning whilst doing 30 mph I was pressured by a double decker bus right up behind.”

Another added: “I drive from Tidworth to Marlborough twice a day to take my son to and from school.

“I do the speed limit through the villages always and the amount of people that get irate and drive too close to me and take over me in the village is unreal.”

The punishment for driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone is three points on your driving licence and a £100 fine.

The difference between travelling 30mph or 40mph can be a matter of life a death.

Police say that pedestrians hit at 30mph have an 80 per cent chance of survival. Those hit at 40mph have just a 10 per cent chance.

During a crackdown on speeding last year, Road Safety Sergeant Scott Kerr said: “A few miles an hour over the speed limit or travelling at inappropriate speed can have catastrophic upon road users and their families, many of whom also suffer lasting and profound consequences from collisions where a loved one has been killed or seriously injured.

“Excessive speed will reduce the time you have to react to a hazard and further the distance it takes for you to stop.

“People need to realise it’s a speed limit and not a target so it may be more appropriate to travel at a lower speed depending on the road conditions for their own safety.”