EMERGENCY services have been dealing with an incident in Beale's Close, Andover, this afternoon (Friday).

A number of police cars were reported in the area, while an air ambulance landed in a nearby field.

One man has been arrested and another taken to hospital with chest injuries.

Here’s what we know so far.

What happened?

A police cordon was in place in Beale's Close this afternoon for a number of hours.

It follows an incident just after 1pm which led to one man being arrested and another being taken to hospital.

Neighbours reported hearing “an awful lot” of screaming and witnessing a fight break out between two residents of the street.

A pair of nearby builders were also said to have intervened, stepping in to restrain a man who had been trying to “get to a lady” involved in the fracas, and holding him back until police arrived.

An air ambulance was also seen landing in Vigo Park. However it is believed the man that hospitalised was taken there via road.

What do the police say?

Officers attended the scene after reports of an assault in Beale's Road at 1.22pm.

They have confirmed the arrest of a 50-year-old Andover man on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent. He remains in custody.

Another man was taken to hospital with chest injuries, police have also revealed.

The force say it is in the “early stages” of their investigation and cannot comment further at present.

What does the ambulance service say?

South Central Ambulance Service has been contacted for a comment but have not yet provided a response.

Was the victim stabbed?

Police have only confirmed that a man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. This is the most serious form of assault, short of attempted murder.

Residents say they saw a kitchen knife on the ground outside on of the properties in Beale’s Close, while others reported seeing an officer put the knife in an evidence bag.

One neighbour also confirmed that she saw a man staggering down the street, towards Adelaide Road, with what she described as ‘stab wounds’.

However, police say they are unable to confirm whether the victim was stabbed as officers are still in the "early stages" of investigations.

What else are witnesses saying?

One witness said she saw a man arrested outside the Lardicake pub, in Adelaide Road.

She told the Advertiser: "I was at the park, so could not see clearly the two people. But I saw the big police van pull up and put one man in handcuffs.

“Then a load more police cars turned up. Then an ambulance and they put a shirtless man in the back. About five minutes later the air ambulance landed and two of the crew ran over and went off with the ambulance.”

Another on-looker says she saw two builders who had been working near by step up to intervene when the original fight broke out.

“The chap was trying to get to the lady and one of the builders pulled him back while the police arrived. They were trying to help. But by then they knew the knife was on the ground. So, they knew he didn't have the knife.”

She also recalls seeing a knife lying on the ground, but that it wasn’t a particularly large one, as some neighbours had speculated.

“It was a kitchen knife, but not a butcher’s knife or anything,” she added.