A TRIO of Andover eateries have been praised in food hygiene reports released by the borough council this week.

Keskins, in Union Street, the Chantry Centre’s Waitrose store and the Travelodge, in Hawker Siddeley Way, were each given a five-star rating after a visit from hygiene inspectors last month.

And now Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) has shared with the Advertiser the detailed reports produced after those visits.

Both Keskins and Waitrose maintained five-star ratings they had preivously been awarded, while Travelodge was upgrade from four stars to five.

Waitrose was visited on the morning of January 8, with inspectors highlighting the “excellent food safety management system” that the store has in place.

However, store management were told it had two weeks to carry out a series of ‘structural’ amendments.

They include cleaning floors beneath counters and fridges, repairing and re-tiling the ceiling in the bakery and removing ice from the floor of the walk-in freezer.

Inspectors then visited Keskins the following afternoon.

Comments such as “premises and equipment very clean” and “no maintenance issues” were included on the report.

The take away spot was given a series of recommendation for future control procedures.

The recommendations included formalising the allergies policy and training staff on it and recording cooling times, cook temperatures and delivery temperatures.

The Travelodge in Hawker Siddeley Way was then visited on the morning of January 16.

Inspectors noted the “excellent cleanliness of structure and equipment” and added that “effective action” had been taken after “some rat activity” in December of last year.

They also said that follow-up visits would be required to ensure best practice is maintained.

Some recommendations were made, including advice that frozen bacon cooked in advance should be transferred within 90 minutes, with records kept of cooling, freezing and discard dates.

The company was also asked to email allergy policies and staff training records over to inspectors following the visit.

All three businesses scored top marks with five-star ratings and recorded no contraventions of food hygiene and safety practices.