A HOMELESS man has been sent back to prison after assaulting a police officer and using homophobic slurs towards another in Andover.

Carl Eden, of no fixed abode, had been wanted on recall after trying to distance himself from a situation at a hostel he had been sent to after his release from prison.

He was stopped in the town over the weekend by officers, and after an attempt was made to have him arrested, he strangled and hit an officer before later referring to another as a “f*****”.

Mr Eden appeared at Basingstoke magistrates court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to the offences and was sentenced.

The court heard how the assailant had been stopped by a PCSO on February 15, in Andover, after the officer recognised him and believed he was on recall.

Further officers attended and attempted to arrest the 39-year-old. And while he was initially “calm and compliant” the court heard how he then grabbed one of the officers around the throat with both hands, shouting “f*** you, man,” while doing so.

The officer felt “a number of blows” to his face and deployed his Taser in a bid to restrain Mr Eden, who was able to run off before being handcuffed by another officer.

While being restrained, he then subjected one of the officers to homophobic abuse, referring to him as “you f*****” a number of times.

Wearing black adidas tracksuit bottoms and a crosshatch jumper, Mr Eden pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting an emergency worker and another of using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour.

The court heard how he had recently been released from prison in Winchester.

During his time in custody, he had been looking for hostel accommodation outside of Andover. However, days before his release he was told he would be returning to Dean Court.

He then returned to Dean Court, where he was said to find himself sleeping on the floor with other drug dealers – at a time when he had managed to get himself clean.

The following day he pledged to leave the hostel and buy a tent to live in, but was told this was not allowed. This led to him being put on on recall.

Mr Eden’s solicitor also explained that his client says he only became aggressive after the police officers “grabbed” him.

“I reacted the way I did because he came over and grabbed me,” he had earlier said to his solicitor.

Having admitted the offences, Mr Eden was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

For the homophobic slur towards PC Spencer he was fined £120, and he was also made to pay a £120 victim surcharge.