Donald Trump. Theresa May. Sepp Blatter. Sir Philip Green. Kanye West. Simon Cowell.

These six famous names may seem unrelated, but the one thing that links them all is that they’ve all fallen foul of the man known as ‘Britain’s Greatest Hoaxer’.

Famous for handing the former Prime Minister her P45 during her disastrous Conservative Party conference speech, and showering money over ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatter just before he was forced to resign, Simon Brodkin will be bringing his comedy tour to Andover next month.

Simon says that looking back on the headline antics, he seems to like to terrify himself: “The scarier it is, the funnier it is – in hindsight,” he laughs. He can smile about the Donald Trump incident now but at the time his fear was that Trump’s security might get their hands on him. Luckily the Scottish police dealt with the matter instead. “They drove me to Glasgow airport, gave me a flight back to London and told Donald Trump they had deported me,” he said.

However, despite the high-profile stunts, there is one thing that terrifies Simon the most: “Try telling your Jewish mother you’re giving up being a doctor to become a clown!”

The man of many trades is well aware that everyone sat in the Lights on March 12 may well know him from a variety of different reasons.

“Some people know me for the original Lee [Nelson]. Some know me for the stunts. Some know me for maybe doing Lee on Live at the Apollo. Some know me for the Lee with the suit, and they might think that’s actually me. I don’t know how many people know Simon Brodkin.”

Brodkin says that the person that he is now onstage in jeans and T-shirt, talking about being a hapless husband and always playing the fool is very much the genuine article. “I’m not a serious person and everything I do is knockabout, whether it’s with mates or with family.”

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