Why is it only from people who have lived in Andover all their lives do I hear such negativity about our town?

Having moved a fair bit with my father who was in the Navy and then with my husband who worked for the Ministry of Defence, I know when I am onto a good thing.

We have our own theatre - The Lights; a multiplex cinema; museum; library; main line railway and bus stations; hospital, ambulance, fire and police stations; doctors, dentists and opticians; nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and coffee shops; leisure centre and swimming pool; two nature reserves and a highly popular Carnival.

With the pedestrianisation of the High Street we host the Shilling Fair; Christmas Lights; markets and, last but by no means least, we have a river running through the town.

Negativity depresses everyone, whereas a smile makes such a difference.

Veronika Pond, St Birstan Gardens, Andover