I have never been more disgusted with a company than the cinema chain, Odeon.

Price of an adult ticket is now £15.50, which includes you having to pay £2.00 just to get a comfortable chair.

The only reason I have to go for the more expensive chair is because the normal ones are now old and need changing, as after watching a two hour film or longer, you fidget like mad and end up with a bad back. Then the sound system needs replacing as it is extremely tortuous and an assault to my brain, as most of the speakers seem as though they don't work.

To top this all off both lifts now do not work, which for the elderly or those wheel chair bound is for the former dangerous and the latter impossible.

Odeon seem as though they want 100 per cent profit, with very little effort.

Why are prices so expensive? My brother, who lives in Devon, sees all the top films for £4.75, and he gets a comfortable seat, as does my sister, who lives in Wales, and sees a film for £2.50.

Maybe it's an Andover thing.

John Stanbridge, Danehurst Place, Andover