MILITARY personnel from Tidworth paid for a nurse’s shopping to thank her for risking her life every day during Covid-19 pandemic.

A district nurse in Salisbury, Lisa Loo, 33, went to the Tesco Tidworth store on March 19 to pick up her lunch at 8.45am before her shift began.

She said: “I scanned my items through and was about to pay when a man said he would pay for me.

“He paid just over £5 and that was enough to get me through the day.

“He saw my social media post and said this was him. It was really kind of him. He paid for my meal deal and bag of sweets.

The Gazette can reveal that the man was a REMI tank mechanic, Keith Sharlott, 38, from Tidworth Military Garrison.

Andover Advertiser: Keith Sharlott is pictured above serving in the militaryKeith Sharlott is pictured above serving in the military

“I joined the queue and two or three people were ahead of me. I spotted her wearing the uniform and realised she was a nurse.

“It occurred to me when I went to Afghanistan that an old couple showed us a random act of kindness by approaching us lads. They wanted to buy us lunch, we said no it’s fine, thanks for your offer.

“I thought the NHS are getting smashed right now and wanted to help. They are working all hours.

“I saw the nurse on social media who broke down after her 48-hour shift when there was no fruit or vegetables left.

“It hit home and so I pulled out my card and tapped my card on the scanner before she could pay.

“I didn’t even get the receipt. I didn’t want any recognition. I said it’s not about me, it’s about what you guys are doing on the frontline, saving lives. I did it to say thank you.”