A NORTH HAMPSHIRE dentist has gone viral again after a cheeky rap on how to stay safe during coronavirus took off.

Dr Milad Shadrooh, known as the Singing Dentist, offered hand washing and self-isolation tips to the tune of Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby'.

The video, which has been shared 120,000 times since being posted at the weekend, comes after his 2017 social media hit with a parody of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You – Save Your Tooth.

With all the doom and gloom in the world at the minute, Dr Shadrooh, who appeared as a judge in the BBC talent show All Together Now, says his motivation is to put a smile on people’s faces.

“I didn’t want to do a coronavirus-inspired song, because I didn’t want it to come across like I was taking the mickey or not taking it seriously because it very much is a serious thing,” he said.

“But so many people were messaging saying ‘it would be so good if you did something’, so I wanted to make sure that I got the messaging right and did it in a way that, in light of all of this darkness out there, we can still try and smile and be a little bit positive with it.

“I’m just so grateful for the response. I didn’t want it to be taken in the wrong context. I think it’s hit the right note. Now that we’re all going to be at home, I guess I’ve got more time on my hands to do more social media entertaining.”

Amongst the millions of people he’s entertained includes one nurse, who had suffered mental health issues. Dr Shadrooh received a message saying that his live-streamed DJ set from Saturday managed to make her smile on her first day back at work.

“If I’ve helped one person it’s worth it in my mind.

“It’s nice to get that kind of feedback, it makes you feel that everything you’re doing is worthwhile. It feels good, it feels very humbling.”

The dentist, whose practice – Chequers Dental Surgery – has reduced its operations to just emergency appointments and deferred all non-essential treatment, is quite clear that times may be tough in the coming weeks and months.

“We have to be mindful, our health has to be the most important thing right now. Everything else has got time to recover. It is going to need time to recover.

“It’s such a serious thing now, it’s become a globally big issue and we have to start taking it seriously.”

But, Dr Shadrooh says that we’re very lucky to be in such a technological era. Video calling and binge-watching Marvel movies online are both on his self-isolation to-do list. However, there are bigger opportunities ahead – to spend more time with families that can often get forgotten in the 21st century.

“Lives can be so busy now with work and social media and you end up being quite antisocial. At least this will kind of increase human contact with the kids.”

His solutions include on Mother’s Day, where he drove to his parents’ house, interacting through the car window, or playing video and board games with family. And like most other parents in the town, he is having to learn how to home-school his children.

“My wife was a teacher so she’s created a home-school schedule. Keeping kids in a routine is so important. If you let kids adapt then it’s going to be chaos.”

The timetable includes his wife teaching English, art and languages during the morning, before he steps up to the plate with maths, science and PE in the afternoon.

“I bought a croquet set off of Amazon. I’ve never played croquet in my life, but we’re going to bang that out in the garden later on. I will be a croquet wiz by the time this is done!”

The Singing Dentist has also been affected by the empty shelves seen across many supermarkets over the last week. But trying new things can only be good, he says.

“We live quite gluten free in our house, but that was pretty much the only isle with everything on it. I ended up with gluten free poppadums, who knew that was a thing, and they were very tasty."

“I think it was about two weeks ago, when the first smells of panic buying was happening, we went to Homebase to get some paint, and on the checkout they had toilet roll. As a joke I thought let’s just buy it.

“I was going to put it on my social media. I literally bought this pack of 16 toilet rolls from Homebase, and it says on it ‘cushion soft’, and I thought it would be horrible hard. If you buy bog roll out of Homebase it’s not going to be the softest thing. Good thing though, who knew my dirty bog roll from Homebase would come in handy!”

Playing his bit in entertaining the nation, the Singing Dentist will continue to create his videos, whilst he’ll be live-streaming a DJ set from his conservatory every Saturday at around 9.30pm.