NORTH West Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse has 'wished his old friend well' after it was revealed that the Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus.

The Prime Minister (PM) confirmed the news in a video posted to Twitter this morning, saying he has "mild symptoms".

Mr Malthouse, who spent six year's as the PM's deputy mayor in London, has wished Mr Johnson well and says he has 'no doubt' he will be staying well isolated.

“Obviously I wish my old friend well," he said, "and as he goes through the next four or five days, no doubt he will be staying well isolated and following the rules that we all have to follow if we develop symptoms.

“I am pleased he’s still working and saying in touch but people should be reassured that the whole ministerial team is working flat out to get us through this together."

Mr Malthouse also says that he expects the PM to 'stay at the helm' but that Dominic Raab would be next in line to step up if Mr Johnson were unable to continue.

“There’s definitely a contingency plan," said Mr Malthouse. "Dominic Raab is the designated next in line as first secretary of state, so if the PM has to go to bed with a fever he will step in.

“But I don’t think people should have any fear and it look like the PM is determined to stay at the helm.”

He also notes that with the telecommunications technology available to number 10, he does not believe the PM's job would be hindered by self-isolation.

“We have the great advantage of modern technology so I think he can pretty much operate as normal, and obviously number 10 has the best telecommunications technology available,” he added.