POLICE attended an Andover medical centre on multiple occasions today amid reports of anti-social behaviour from people gathered outside.

Queues have been reported outside Shepherds Spring Medical Centre, in Cricketers Way, throughout much of Friday.

"Unruly behaviour” from those waiting outside the pharmacy has been described in a social media post.

Both members of the public and the police have since confirmed this, with officers saying that people were ‘not able to stay two metres apart’ per social distancing guidelines.

One person in attendance told the Advertiser that police were present when they visited the centre at around 3pm, with large queues congregating in the area.

They said that staff had reported a ‘lot of abuse’ and that some people had been seen ‘jumping the queue’.

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed that officers had first been deployed to the area more than three hours earlier.

A statement from the police read: “We were called at 11.41am to reports of anti-social behaviour at Shepherds Spring Medical Centre, The Oval, Andover.

“There were a large number of people queuing to be seen and there were reports of people not being able to stay two metres apart.

“Officers were deployed to patrol the area. No offences were reported to police.”

A message shared on the Shepherds Spring Medical Centre Facebook page pleaded with people to respect staff and be patient.

The post read: “Unfortunately there continues to be incidents and unruly behaviour at Shepherds Spring Pharmacy. The police have once again had to be called – this is despite having a security guard present.

“It is of vital importance that everybody please treats the staff with respect. They are working with an unprecedented demand and working their hardest in difficult conditions.

“If incidents continue then the pharmacy may be forced to close.

“I reiterate - please be patient and please only order medication if you are imminently about to run out.

"Please do not over-order or stockpile as medication requests will be rejected if ordered too early to decrease current workload for all of the pharmacies.

“Many thanks to those being courteous and patient.”