PARKING permits and penalty charges will be handled by the county council, rather than the borough, as of this week.

Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) announced on Tuesday that as of Wednesday, April 1, the management of on-street parking, residential permits and the issuing of penalty charge notices for on-street contraventions will transfer back to Hampshire County Council (HCC).

It comes after the agency agreement whereby TVBC undertook these functions on behalf of HCC was terminated.

Households who are eligible for resident parking permits will have received a letter from HCC to tell them that their current permits will remain valid until their expiry date.

But those applying for a new permit from April 1 or are due to renew an existing permit after that date will now need to contact HCC.

The county council will also be responsible for patrolling on-street parking restrictions and issuing penalty charge notices where required.

TVBC will, however, remain in charges of its car parks across the borough.