CAN I personally offer my gratitude and heartfelt admiration to the management and staff that includes the young staff too, for their sheer professionalism on Wednesday morning?

A calm oasis greeted us when we walked in with extremely polite young staff greeting us and explaining the new rules.

Security guards on the doors and food etc. on shelves that all looked inviting.

For over a week I have been too frightened to go anywhere where there have been crowds, having not shopped I made do with what I had indoors. But I craved badly fresh fruit and knew that I would have to join the masses.

Actually, it was nothing like the news and the social showed at all.

Security guards were respectful and courteous, but nevertheless they would not let you in unless you were over 70, and as for the staff inside? I cannot speak highly enough of all of them.

Andover Waitrose is surely showing the way as to how we should behave, and yes I would be proud to send this on to a national paper too.

Very well done Waitrose and very well done to all customers waiting patiently outside this morning.

Manuela Wahnon, Rack Close, Andover