Regarding Mr David Borrett’s letter in the Andover Advertiser, March 27, I feel I must reply to some views expressed.

We are presently in the grip of a world pandemic and this government, as well as other governments around the world, are trying to abate the numbers of illness and death that may occur.

He may think that the measures taken are a “car crash” for the economy, and the self-employed particularly, but as much as I understand his views I do not believe that any of the decisions that have been taken have been taken lightly and are being led by scientists who have much more understanding of this virus than Mr Borrett or myself.

We all have to do our part and to say that public sector workers are “stretching out on their sun loungers” is deeply offensive and divisive. Many of these workers have lost jobs or are on 80 per cent of their wages. Many people in both private and public work are now one months wages away from the Foodbank.

And of course many public workers are still in the front line of fighting this virus, such as my ex-colleagues in the NHS and for this we should all be very grateful.

I wish Mr Borrett and his family well and hope that we will all overcome this terrible period with empathy for everyone.

We are in this together.

Kim Nott, Watermills Close, Andover