Customers for Waitrose are like no other customer (well, maybe Mark & Sparks and Selfridges). But we customers do not go in for the cut and thrust, or shoving, or bulling, or pushing past people. It’s simply not done.

Reducing goods to attract customers, does not work for those of us that choose to shop here.

It’s not one’s trolley with bargains, that attract a Waitrose customer, but rather the quality and the fabulous range of goods on sale, the ambience and the thorough training that all partners undergo before being allowed onto the shop floor to serve the public.

Removing the complimentary hot beverages was a stroke of genius, as was free papers. At least now you need to spend a minimum of £10. Sadly the company was abused by a small amount of people that came in for the free hot drinks and newspapers.

I would go as far as to say if what you desire and require is not on sale in a Waitrose branch then it can’t be found anywhere.

Once again in these turbulent times an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Thank you one and all.

Manuela Wahnon, Rack Close, Andover