HELP for Heroes recovery centre in Tidworth has paused face-to-face contact with beneficiaries in the fight against coronavirus after having to temporarily close its recovery centre for Tedworth House, in Tidworth.

The military charity supports men and women who have been psychologically or physically wounded whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

Support is also given to their families as they can also be affected by their loved one’s losses.

Since the charity was set up in 2007, it has supported more than 22,000 people.

Help for Heroes relies on public donations for 98 per cent of its income.

The charity’s website reads: “The coronavirus outbreak has left lots of us feeling anxious and in these uncertain times, it’s ok not to feel ok. At a time like this, it’s important we all look out for one another.”

Tedworth House is one of Help for Heroes’ four recovery centres alongside Phoenix House in Catterick, North Yorkshire, Chavasse House in Colchester and in Plymouth it sits inside the Devonport Naval Base.

A study launched in January 2016 by Help for Heroes and King’s College London found of the 750,000 men and women who served as regulars between 1991 and 2014, at least 66,000 needed long term support.

The charity has adapted their services for physically and psychologically wounded veterans and serving personnel.

They are providing welfare assistance, counselling sessions, fellowship and support from their Veterans Clinical Liaison team of professionally qualified nurses amongst other services via phone, Skype and other digital platforms.

It is interacting with its beneficiaries through its social media platforms and started adding content to its website this week to specifically help manage anxiety.

Julian North, Recovery Manager South and East at Help for Heroes, said: “We are committed to supporting those who need us through this unprecedented time. Issues such as anxiety and social isolation can feel overwhelming at times like this so it’s important to us that we do all we can to help.”

Help for Heroes said it will be actively reviewed between now and June and face-to-face support will resume in line with Government advice.