Florence Nightingale, Embley Park Romsey and Florence Nightingale's competence with statistics.

With the ongoing pandemic our thoughts are oft with the nursing profession and their expertise. Time to reflect on the nursing revolution brought about by Florence Nightingale, who in her formative years lived at Embley Park, Romsey.

The revolution in nursing brought about by Florence Nightingale was not, however, wandering around with a lamp and a cold flannel, the image that she is often associated with. And I do sense that even today that image remains prevalent to our image of the nursing profession.

Florence Nightingale actually put statistical analysis as being the cornerstone in the fight against disease and injury and developed innovative charts that made trends easily understandable. Her work in that endeavour is still relevant today.

Not bad going for a lass who grew up in what is now Test Valley, and her career ultimately being accredited with the honours OM RRC DStJ.

Roderick Pond, Saint Birstan Gardens, Saxon Fields