A residents’ parking scheme was implemented where I live in Vigo Road some years ago. This was due to people who presumably work in the town centre wanting to keep their hard earned money by parking where they don't have to pay.

Let's face it, wages are already raided by the state from the pay packet when things are purchased and by the local administration in the form of council tax. I feel sympathy for people working in the town centre trying to avoid be further gouged.

So when you think about this, people parking in residential streets and working in the town is caused by the council's greed. I have been paying £15 a year to protect the council’s revenue.

It gets worse. I'm now told that Test Valley Borough Council is passing the administration of this onto Hampshire County Council and they are passing the buck further to a private company. The cost for the privilege of parking in the street outside my home is to rise to £52 a year. It seems I'm going to be gouged too.

Might I suggest we forget all about the parking permits and I'll take my chances parking in the road along with those trying to keep their hard earned wages?

Stuart Noyes, Vigo Road, Andover