TRIBUTES have flooded in for a young man who reportedly took his own life.

Samuel Jordan, from Whitchurch, died on March 27, aged 25.

A message from his father, Les, posted on said: “Unfortunately his many torments won out- it seems he felt he could no longer face them, and took the decision to end his own life”.

He described his son, known as Sam, as being “troubled, challenged and challenging” in recent times, adding: “But this was by no means the entirety of who he was. My profoundest hope is that he will also be remembered for his kind, helpful, thoughtful and generous nature”.

The family is planning to arrange an informal memorial event to Sam in Whitchurch once social distancing restrictions are removed.

Dozens of people have left tributes to Sam on social media following the announcement of his death.

Ali Freeborough said: “Such a tragic loss of such a young life. I would often sit talking to Sam when I was out in Whitchurch, he was such a kind and polite young man. This is heart-breaking.”

Linda Tolfrey added: “So very sorry to hear this sad news. Sam will be remembered as a kind, helpful, thoughtful young man who could make us smile.”

Bridget Outridge described the news as “heart-breaking” adding: “Your profoundest hope will be honoured Sam will be remembered as a kind, thoughtful, helpful and generous soul. A quirky one off with a sweet, funny and soft side. Rest in peace Sam.”