A FATHER-of-five has organised an international weekend music festival to raise money for carers who do not have enough PPE.

Robert Hardie, 45, a driving instructor from Ludgershall has helped raise £1500 for Support Carers Ltd.

A string of talented singers and performers went live on Facebook from Friday, April 24 to Tuesday, April 28, with 949 people watching over the weekend.

The 45-year-old told the Advertiser: “Jacqui Goodall, a carer, put a plea up on Facebook for people to raise money in Ludgershall and the surrounding areas in Andover to support the carers industry.

“I saw it, acted and spent the last week arranging all of the artists to appear live on Facebook over five days.

“We created something from nothing, it was immense, and I was overwhelmed by it all.

"The likes of Millers Daughter and Dan Sealey were amongst a series of performers.

“Billy White, a soldier from Abu Dhabi raised the most amount of money, just over £500 when he was singing in the space of 30 minutes. Ludgershall, Tidworth and the surrounding villages in Andover were running low and I helped carers out to keep them safe.

“A gifted boy, William Foulstone, performed incredible piano pieces. He previously went on stage live with the script in the 02 arena in London," Mr Hardie added.

William Foulstone is seen in a video below playing a series of songs on the piano.

Posted by Stuart Foulstone on Sunday, 29 March 2020

The driving instructor has spent the last five weeks in lockdown with his family and sat in the garden over the weekend listening to the music being streamed.

He will keep everyone posted about the PPE delivery to help local carers.