A 13-year-old boy helped raise money for carers without PPE in Ludgershall.

Will Foulstone, 13, from Bishops Canning, played a series of piano songs that was streamed live on Facebook for the online international music festival.

He performed live on Facebook at 7pm on Monday, April 27 and people tuned in to watch him play for under 40 minutes.

Will’s father, Stuart Foulstone, 52, a civil engineer, told the Advertiser: “Will has a musical talent and is starting to put his voice and piano playing together. He has started performing for charities in the last few years and likes to make people happy.”

The 13-year-old said: “I enjoy performing at concerts and making people happy. In year five, I started a band with my friends and rehearsed Hall of Fame by the Script.

“After performing for carers, I am playing again in two weeks’ time and there will be a few more songs including The Beatles ‘With a little help from my friends’ and Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise.’”

William also performed with the Script in February 2018 after he was spotted on social media playing at St Pancras station on a piano gifted by Elton John.

Stuart said: “[My son] played for the Script at the 02 arena when he was 11 years old on February 25 2018. Danny O’Donoghue saw it and asked Will if he could get to London and organise something.

“It was a total surprise and Will did not know about it. Producers from Sony Records wanted to keep it quiet because they did not know what would happen. He played the Script’s song Hall of Fame on the piano and sang.

“Danny O’Donoghue said Will plays Hall of Fame better than he does.

“He has done a few charity things and likes sharing his ability with others. He is fearless on stage.

“William has been playing for six years in total and has performed at a few festivals and done a few things at school as well.

“When Will played at the opening at the Devizes Arts Festival last June he was given complimentary tickets to a talk by Clive Mantle. Clive was late arriving and so Will was asked to play piano while waiting for Clive to arrive. Clive was so impressed with his playing he stood at the back of the room and waited until Will had finished.”