This April is the hottest since records began, and the rest of 2020 is likely to follow suit.

As we move into more weeks of lockdown, many restrictions are likely to remain in place for the remainder of the year, let alone rolling into the next. Many scientists have pointed out, echoed by Dominic Raab, that until we have a vaccine or at the very least an effective treatment we are stuck.

The restriction that hurts me the most, apart from social distancing and the inability to meet friends, is the lack of green space in Andover. According to the Test Valley ward briefings, the urban areas of Andover do not have the required levels of green space.

In this respect we do less well than many areas in London.

This overdevelopment of Andover, and the new developments are not much better than the old quarters of the town, is typical where we put money before people.

It also reflects a lack of balance between ourselves and our environment and nature. History will probably show that this pandemic, like so many others, originated in the transmission of diseases from animals to humans. Too often we forget to treat the environment with respect.

Some months ago before the pandemic we were justly worried about the floods which demonstrated the challenges posed by the climate emergency. This is one emergency that is not going to go away and unless we take the opportunity to change our behaviours we will face much greater problems than those imposed by the pandemic.

Looking forward, both the pandemic and the impact of global warning are registered as Tier 1 risks within our National Security Strategy. As climate change is already happening, I hope our response will be better.

If the safety and health of the citizens is paramount as Boris Johnson tells us then we really need to get our skates on. The postponement of the Glasgow climate change conference may be a blessing in disguise as Trump may have gone by next year. The advice to inject yourself with bleach to treat Covid-19 was a new low.

Meanwhile keep safe, stay home and protect the NHS.

Luigi Gregori, Charlton Road, Andover