The time has come for recovery from this time and history in our lives.

The coronavirus from January/March 2020 to now and when? A virus that has hit us with a deep and profound amount of time and feelings of finding how to fathom our futures now.

Recovery is defined as a time with stages to contemplate, prepare, take action and maintain for the next phase in our lives.

It is not cured but we can now regain slowly, a return to our lives to build a healthy state for all, we hope.

Recovery is defined as a process of altering a difficult situation over a period of time. How long, is my question now? It seems a very long time as the whole world has been affected, which will hold back a lot: holidays, flights, journeys, visits, relations, work…

Simple opening of the garden centres is a delight for all, but personally I won’t rush as I imagine a large, long queue for a while. I also have charity bags and garden bits to move on, hoping they will be next to reopen. The recycle dumps I expect will also be busy too.

Hope is a phase helping our recovery too. We have a wish and a want for achievement, ambition, aspiration, with confidence to aid our desire and belief.

Hope was seen as a ‘swallow’ in the past, or an ‘anchor or dove’. Can we see a flight, hear a ‘coo’ and feel a solid ground for our future, now?

Hope brings in positive thinking, plans to succeed that are particularly helped with support, connections, with acceptance of losses bringing in changes. We will again have our families, close friends, and hopefully, the recovery with support of our country’s government, doctors, NHS, and workers continuing so well.

Nature has taken a large role in my life, personally. A call of our birds, songs in the sun, summons for their treats, and pecks for their nests. Tulips, daffodils, blue bells, daisies and buttercups have said ‘see you again’. Peonies smile brightly now. Iris and sweet peas are getting ready as tomatoes demand a tub.

A knock at the door, a tap on the window, a smile on our walks, raises our hope with a gentle push to our recovery.

Linda Price, Fyfield