I was very surprised to read in a letter from Luigi Gregori last week (Andover Advertiser, May 15) that Andover is not considered to have sufficient 'green spaces' to allow people to exercise during the lockdown.

I am a Londoner but have lived in Andover for over 40 years, moving here with my young family when there was certainly less built up areas. However, living as I do near the town centre, I can assure Mr Gregori that there are still plenty of places to enjoy quiet walks and lovely scenery.

Within less than half a mile of my Heath Vale home are Rooksbury Mill and Lakes, Ladies Walk, Vigo Road Recreation Ground and Beech Hurst Park in Salisbury Road. A bit further afield are Anton Lakes (which my old home on Galahad Close backed onto), Charlton Lakes, Andover Down, Enham and Upper Clatford.

I manage to vary my walks around the area, and I am a pensioner, so I am sure younger people are able do the same! My children live in the villages just outside Andover and they too are able to access lovely country walks.

Mr Gregori hails from Charlton, only a short walk from the Leisure centre, Lakes and Charlton Down, so I suggest he explores his local area a little more thoroughly. I think we are very lucky to live in this small town, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

I hope all your readers stay safe while getting plenty of exercise in their local area.

Irene Williams, Heath Vale, Andover