FRIENDS and family are raising funds for the funeral of an Andover mother-of-three who died after a six-year battle with cancer.

Nicky Wren, who was first diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in 2014, is described as an ‘absolute fighter’ by those closest to her.

She underwent extensive chemotherapy, with the hope of being cancer free in April 2020, but a recent blood test showed that the cancer had returned, spreading throughout her body, and her prognosis was deemed terminal.

The 39-year-old had been due to undergo further trials in London later this year, opening up the possibility of giving her more time with her family.

However, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic put an end to those plans.

Nicky passed on Saturday, May 16, just a few months shy of her 40th birthday.

Her mum, Carole Collins said: “Nicky was such a warrior.

"We raised the £2,000 for her to have the test done and she was going to be going to London for an immunotherapy treatment trial. But the lockdown put paid to that.

“It wouldn’t have cured [her] but would have given her more time. She would have been 40 in August.”

Now her family and friends are hoping to raise funds to pay for funeral costs and set up a trust fund for her three children.

Her friend Roxanna Webb, who has helped organise the fundraiser, describes Nicky as a ‘stoic’ and ‘courageous’ mother.

“Nicky was an absolute fighter,” she writes on a Go Fund Me page.

“Nicky never gave up hope and so therefore her funeral costs were never considered due to her sheer determination to keep fighting to remain with her children, so now I am asking for help to give Nicky the send-off she deserves and also to give the children a local place to go where they can feel close to their mum too.

“In memory of Nicky I am going to create a trust fund for each of the children to help give them the future that Nicky dreamed of giving them herself.

“These children have gone through six long years of seeing their mother suffer, so now with your help I pray we can give them the chance to say goodbye for now to their beloved mother, and enable them to have the type of future we all aspire to give our own children.”

To view the fundraiser or donate to the cause go to

A service for Nicky will be held at Charlton Park on May 29 at midday.

Due to current lockdown restrictions, only a few people are permitted to attend but others can view the service via webcam.

To do so go to and enter the username 'charlton5167' and the password '48173'.