WE MAY still be in the midst of lockdown, but that didn’t stop an art technician instructor from Andover College from appear in living rooms around the country after a TV appearance earlier this week.

Kimvi Nguyen was featured on Monday’s episode of Grayson’s Art Club, airing at 8pm on Channel 4.

She and her partner Vinny Montag submitted their work which was chosen by Grayson Perry to appear on the show.

The theme for the episode was ‘view from my window’ and it also featured artist Jeremy Deller and comedian Vic Reeves.

Kimvi said: “Instead of painting the view from our window, we thought ‘what has been our window throughout the lockdown?’ We realised it had been the view inside our fridge.

“We went with this idea as we had been constantly opening and shutting our fridge door to reveal the ever changing landscape of our diet, illuminated every time.

“We worked with a time restraint of an hour to create our submission and the final piece was made from pieces of a bed frame and a bedsheet which we constructed as a curtained window inside our fridge.”

Grayson announced on the show that Kimvi and Vinny’s work will be displayed in his exhibition which will be created once lockdown is over.

He chose their work as he thought it was a ‘beautiful and successful gesture’.

The Art Club Exhibition is being put together by Grayson Perry, Turner Prize winner and one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists, as a lasting artistic record of how people have felt together through these strange times together.

You can view Monday’s episode online by going to www.channel4.com/programmes/graysons-art-club