TWO thirds of respondents to a poll run by the Advertiser think that Dominic Cummings should resign.

It comes after the government's chief advisor travelled 260 miles from London to Durham in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown while displaying symptoms of the virus.

Mr Cummings says he believes he acted ‘legally’ and ‘responsibly’ while addressing the issue at a specially arranged press conference at Downing Street on Monday.

However, he continues to face calls to resign from politicians, unions and members of the public.

Over the bank holiday weekend, the Advertiser asked its readers what they thought of the situation. Almost 650 have now responded to the online poll, with 68 per cent saying that Cummings should resign.

Some residents have written to local MP, Kit Malthouse expressing their anger over the issue. Others shared their frustrations via the Advertiser’s Facebook page.

Sally Yalden wrote: “It’s sheer hypocrisy. He is a senior Government advisor and aide. It comes across as one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us.

“What about those who have been unable to attend funerals? Or the struggles to look after kids while we were sick or have to work from home? We’ve had to endure not seeing our parents/relatives so why not him? He has to go. He broke the law.”

Graham Capper added: “He had the virus. His wife had the virus. The rules say if you're showing symptoms you must stay home and not even leave to shop or collect medicines.

“They are well-off and well connected. It beggars belief that they could not have arranged for help from someone close to them in London. Hundreds of thousands of us facing similar dilemmas stuck to the rules. And not even an apology from him. He must go.”

Others, however, shared their sympathy, with Helen Hughes writing: “He along with hundreds of the population did what he thought best. At least he didn't flock to the beaches, parks and tourist spots like so many.”

Ian Ralph, meanwhile, thinks that Cummings should not resign – instead he should be sacked.

He added: “We all know people who have flouted the rules, but he is a minister. If ministers can’t follow the rules how is anyone else supposed to follow such rules?”