A DRUG driver was arrested for a string of offences after police spotted him driving ‘at a very low speed’ on the A303.

Officers say they pulled the vehicle over this morning and after carrying out checks on the driver, found that he was disqualified from driver, had no insurance, had an out-of-date MOT and was not wearing his seatbelt.

His vehicle also had two defective brake lights.

He was then required to provide a specimen of saliva for analysis, which showed there was cannabis in his system.

The vehicle was seized and the driver arrested for the above offences. He was taken to Melksham police station for a sample of blood will be taken and an interview to take place regarding the other driving offences.

PC Scott said: “This was a good result off the back of a proactive stop. Had the vehicle not been travelling at such low speeds, it may have not attracted our attention.

“The driver clearly had no regard for anyone else’s safety when he chose to get behind the wheel today.”